About MaryPat

The Queen of Connections, Entrepreneur:

MaryPat Kavanagh, chief marketing strategist, has extensive experience in marketing and small business since 1989. She has owned retail businesses, restaurants and consulting practices and has been extremely involved in her community through local Chamber of Commerces, networking organizations and professional development organizations.

In 1999, she opened Strategic Results Marketing LLC in
Arizona . Strategic Results Marketing is an expert marketing firm specializing in entrepreneurial strategizing and planning. She has since developed the “Entrepreneur’s Bottom-Line Marketing Plan”, simplifying marketing for entrepreneurs and the Strategic Results philosophy of business is:

Life/Business Goals + Timeline for Success + Realistic Budget ==> Bottom Line Marketing.

Strategic Results Marketing develops success-driven marketing plans as wells as on-going training for ultimate business/personal success!

Recently, MaryPat started the Salt Lake Chapter of Shared Vision Network–a professional development organzation for entrepreneurs built on the philosophy of “shared abundance”.  For more information about our chapter, go to www.SaltLakeSVN.com.

Currently, MaryPat is working with entrepreneurs in the info-marketing world who have successful online/offline businesses and need someone to manage the JV & cross promotional opportunities.

The Queen of Connections, The Woman Under the Crown:

So you’re looking at a typical, Type A personality, who did everything early. MaryPat started her first business as a wholesaling used furniture queen in
Tucson Arizona . She bought her first “brick and mortar” business in 1990—a furniture new and used store (we are moving on up!).

She married and jumped right into a family, having her first daughter in 1991. Getting bored (as many entrepreneurs do), she moved up to the mountains of Arizona to
Prescott and bought a little café. This was hard work, marriage didn’t work out, so HE got the furniture store and she got the café.

Loved living on coffee and ice cream, but got bored again and took a job at a radio station. (Notice she doesn’t seem to get rid of the businesses, she just takes new ones).

Not surprisingly, that didn’t last too long. MaryPat went back into business for herself as the President and Chief Strategist of Strategic Results Marketing. You can read more about that up top.

But to fast forward to today, MaryPat is now in
Utah where the most gorgeous mountains in the country also reside. She loves the snow and the sun, and
Utah have LOTS of both. It is also the only place outside a 3rd World country that you can say, “I ONLY have 4 kids!” And she does–four beautiful girls, a golden retriever and of course, a great husband who puts up with all the girls!

As for business? This is what she says: “I have also realized that what I do best is help my clients create GREAT RELATIONSHIPS! So that is what I do. I specialize in creating strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and long-lasting, profitable relationships.”


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